Where tdoes he YKK zipper come from ?

History of the Zipper

Everyone have been using zippers from our childhood, but do you know where does it come from? This article is going to answer questions about the origin of the zipper. Secondly we will see what YKK zipper means.

The first device that is similar to todays zipper assembly is associated with Elias Howe, who was the inventor of the sewing machine.

He obtained a patent for a locking device. It was similar to todays zipper assembly.

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The predecessor of present day’s zipper derives from Whitcomb L. Judson American engineer. He obtained a patent for zippers in 1893 on men’s boots. The first series products name was „Judson C-curity Fastener” and was released in 1905. This was improved by Gideon Sundbäck, who created the first zipper car. The “zipper” name came from The Goodrich company.

Today we use many types of zippers for all kinds of clothes, depending on the material, consumption, style, color and fashion.

Do you know what YKK means on the zipper?

If you don’t , i can tell you. Maybe it means the size or material ? No it does not.

It is an acronym. YKK means Yoshida Kōgyō Kabushiki gaisha which is the factory’s name. This factory produces the zipper until nowadays. That is a japanese factory,  which has been starting to manifacture in 1934.  In 1936 the company has protected YKK as a trademark name, and soo was the YKK zipper born.

Do you know any other zipper  brand with with its own story? If you know, please write it down in the comment section.

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