Facebook Dating

What is Facebook Dating?

Most of the people have already heard about tinder, the ones who tried it know how successful it is. So it isn’t a surprise that Facebook wants a piece of this success.

But what is tinder?

Tinder is a dating application you can use it with android and ios devices. The application lists the potential partners according to your settings. After seeing the parters profile picture you can swipe left (dislike) or right (like). If both of you liked each other, you have a „match” and you can chat and start organizing a date.

Probably the key to its success is that you get in touch very fast with new people and the clean, user-friendly design.

What is Facebook dating?

Facebook Dating is Facebook’s own Tinder. The usage is very simple. You just need to switch the app on and create your own dating profile. It is important because FB Dating only appears if you are interested in it.

Here are some advantages of the app:

  • By using the app geolocation is required to list nearby potential partners.
  •  You can only register to the app if you are over 18 years old.
  • During chatting you can only send text messages and emoticons. Pictures and videos are not allowed.

Facebook is making good progress with the development and Nathan Sharp product manager told Verge, they have tested the service in Colombia.

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