Teachers shut down a party in Manchester

Teachers shut down a party in Manchester

St Antony’s Catholic College hosted an unbelievable party.

A 12-year-old aspiring DJ organized a rave during school break in the school’s washroom . He invited every eighth-grade boy on Snapchat. 

The illegal party was discovered and shut down by teachers after only 30 minutes.

Louise Bell, Cael’s mum wrote on Facebook that after receiving a call from Cael’s  school she took pictures of her son when he arrived home. She also uploaded a video.


Cael’s parents discussed whether they should be angry or not, but they realized it was too funny, so they couldn’t get angry at all. The school, on the other hand, wasn’t so happy and confiscated the child’s DJ equipment, saying they couldn’t tolerate that sort of thing, even though his mom said they also tried not to laugh on the phone.

Why did he organize this at all?

The kid said he organized a rave because school was boring and there was nothing to do at lunchtime. (sun)

What is your funniest story about your childhood?

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