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Talking birds learn other neighbor’s sign.

Talking birds can learn the languages of other bird species. That is indispensable for them to understand their neighbors’ warning sign of a falcon or snake or another predator.

Wildlife animals are known for getting information from each other about predatory approchement. For example, the birds, have learned how to escape if they hear their neighbors’ SOS cry.

Co-author, Professor Andy Radford, from the University of Bristol’s School of Biological Sciences, said: “Alarm calls are acoustic signals that warn of predators, but the fairy-wrens learned the meaning of the new calls simply by association with known alarm calls without needing to see a predator.”

Birds can develop their ability to understand other bird species in different ways. Some skills are born with them, some need direct experience to develop. Radford and his colleagues discovered a third form of getting the knowledge: when they get information from their peers.

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