Introducing Captain Marvel!

Finally, the Captain Marvel trailer has arrived. This movie will be the first Marvel female superhero film. Attention! Spoiler danger for the Avengers Infinity War!

We had to wait for the first Marvel female superhero movie pretty long. In the movie, we can see Brie Larson as Captain Marvel and she will be starring in the next Avengers movie. Probably she will have a big role in defeating Thanos. The trailer was released a few days ago and some popular characters will appear in some scenes.

At first look, she is an undefeatable superhero and she will be a worthy opponent for DC’s Wonder Women!

Captain Marvel’s real name is Carol Danvers and she is a pilot at the United States Air Force. During an accident, she got infected with an alien DNA and gained supernatural abilities. In the trailer, she does not remember her old life and her childhood. The movie will air on March 7, 2019.

Are you also waiting for it? What do you think, will it be like the other CGI action movies or something more? Share your opinion on the comment section. Do not forget to subscribe to the newest posts.

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