Sleeping all night with a huge coffein

Harvard has started a sleeping course

From now on every student has to absolve a sleeping course, who gained admission to Harvard University. This way the university wants to prevent students from drinking huge amounts of coffee during the night.

Every student has to participate int he sleeping course before entering the Campus, wrote the Telegraph. The purpose of this course is to reduce the caffeine intake of students during the night.

The first similar course started also in the US to raise awareness of healthy lifestyles. The course emphasizes the beneficial effects of sleeping on the learning and sports performance.

A few years ago researchers examined students via wrist monitors. The results showed that most of the students are sleep-deprived on weekdays and that they try to get the missing amount of sleep on weekends.

The course tries to draw attention to the risks of long-term sleep deprivation. These are a heart attack, stroke, depression or even cancer. Additionally, it may cause increased hunger.

Charles Czeislet, creator and leader of the course advises setting an alarm for going to sleep just like we set an alarm in the morning for waking up. On the other hand, it is recommended to reduce the usage of blue-light electronic devices before sleeping, because they can disturb the circadian rhythm.

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