Why do we have often problems with Earphone Cables?

Today almost everybody uses an earphone, kids, adults and  elders, also. If you have ever used them, you probably met the biggest problem of earphone cables, this problem is when this cable brakes. It leads then to a contact failure and you can use it only in one position.  Is it familiar?  I think it is. In this article, we can find out why it is happening. Is there a solution? What can we do against it?

Why does the earphones cable break?  What does a connect failure mean?

When we buy and use an earphone for the first time, it works perfectly. The problem is when we put away for storage. Most of people just roll it up and drop them into a bag, but that it what we  shouldn’t do.  If we roll the cable in to a little circle or just crumple it up than we are breaking the cable. Why? Because in earphone cables there are  little copper wires which are very thin. Normally the outside plastic is needed to protect the cable.  When we bend it too much, this little cable brakes away. With little luck, it will still work in a certain position.

Unfortunately, manufacturers can do nothing with this problem. If the copper wire inside the cable would be thicker, it’s weight would be big and nobody would use it. However, there is an intermediate solution.  On the market you can find earphones with bigger outside plastic or the outside part is covered with other materials, but most of these are thicker than the most used earphones.

What can we do about it?

The first and the most important thing is to try not to break the cable. To avoid this there are several solutions. There are many DIY videos how you can do an earphone holder on Youtube. What can you do if you don’t have time or creativity for do this on youre own? Don’t worry about it. I have a solution for you!  On the market there are many earphone holders with different design, color, material.

Best 3 Earphones cable holders

Alritz Earphone Earbud Holder Case
Amazon Link

Material Silicone
Available in several colors Yes
Price From $7.90

TOPHOME Earbud Holders

Material Italian leather
Available in several colors Yes (2)
Price From $6.26

Black Leather Case Pocket by

Material Leather
Available in several colors No
Price From $3.99


These were the most popular earphone holders. I hope you can find the best way to storage your earphone.

BONUS – I have an extra idea for you! Is there an Earphone without a cable ?

Yes there is!

In the last few years some new types of earphones were released. They haven’t got a cable. These are connected to your phone via Bluetooth.
Amazon Link
Material Plastic
Available in several colors No
Price From $26.00

This is one of the Bluetooth headsets which is available on Amazon .

How do you store your earphones?  Do you use DIY holders or have you bought something? Do you have an other solution? If yes please share it with us in the comment section.

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