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We are always looking for fresh, new, unique topics. Before the submit, search on our blog and see what our style is, what the main topics are. Be sure, your article adds something new, unique and valuable to our site. 

That is not an opportunity for self promotion. If your article is good the readers will want more from you. 


  • Send a main cover image (you must have a license)
  • Keep it tight. Our readers are not looking for a long weird paragraph or pose. 
  • Give valid, fresh information to the readers
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  • Highlight some key phrases in each paragraph (bold and italics)
  • There should be at least 1 listing in the text
  • Send us the meta description and title of the article, but they may not include your landing page
  • Send us the tags of the article (max 10, and least 3 must to be exists)

If you submit, that does not mean we will post your article. First we review it. We will only share it if it is good enough for our blog (you followed the guidelines).

We guarantee that as long as this blog is active, either at this domain address or at another and does not cause us any problems, your article will be on the site.


We’re looking forward to your article!