math cause physical pain

In this article we will  look for an answer to the question can math cause physical pain?  We will present a short answer to the question and a longer, scientific one.

The short answer is for “can math cause physical pain?”:

Yes but, only in extreme cases.

Now let’s look at the longer scientific answer:

There are people who have mathematical anxiety. This is similar to the fear of bugs. These people, only by mentioning mathematics would run away. In the blood of those people the cortisol level increases, which is the hormone responsible for stress. if it reaches a certain level, it can even cause physical pain. So yes, math can cause physical pain! There are some documented researches on this topic dating back to the 1700’s.

This is a problem that is regardless of gender and age. If there are people in your environment or even yourself dealing with this problem, we should know about it and deal with it.

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