Today in this post I will show you a few reasons why you should have a bean bag. I have already written a post about different kinds of bean bags, you can read it by clicking on this link.

The first reason is because it is awesome.

You are cool if you have a bean bag. Why? Because not everyone has it. Nobody thinks having a bean bag could be a good thing, until they have seen it somewhere

Bean bags look cool in every room.

Why? They are available in different shapes, colors and sizes. It means you can choose the perfect one, which fits your style.

Very comfortable

The beans inside bean bags adapt to your body shape, so they are more comfortable than  usual chairs or sofas.

If you have seen it, you want to try it.

The reason is simple: Only a few people have bean bags at home, so it isn’t a common kind of furniture and that is one reason why it can be interesting.

You can use it for many things.

You can use it instead of sofas, put some bean bag chairs around the smoking table. Imagine how well you could sleep if you bought a bigger bean bag. If you like reading then a bean bag is perfect for you, because it adapts to you’re body shape, so you can read in many positions.

A few days ago I posted an article about different bean bag types. I presented the basic types with images and links where you can find them.  You can view the previous  post here.

Do you agree with the me? If you don’t, please share your opinion with us and we will discuss it! Do you have other reasons on your list? What other pros and cons do you think there are?

Don’t hesitate, write it down in the comment section!

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